What is Zhihu?


What is Zhihu?

 Zhihu is a online Q&A community. The scope of the community is friendly, connecting elites from all walks of life. They share each other’s expertise, experience and rational insights, providing a continuous stream of high-quality information for the Chinese network. One of the major feature of zhihu is about the integration of divergent thinking.It is like a forum where people can discuss and bring their point of view. Users engage in relevant discussions around a topic.

Users characteristics

According to official data, more than 80% of its users have a bachelor’s degree or above. High income, high professional backgrounds,   Zhihu’s users are   commonly know as highly knowledgeable people.

Unlike Weibo, Wechat, Zhihu’s purpose is to provide “knowledge and information. Content providers could become influencers as discourse and cultural capital can be transformed directly into power. They must rely on their professional background and in-depth analysis to answer and attract other users attention. Their influence and insight can be considered into companies’ strategy to build awaress and make impacting decisions towards the Chinese market.

Zhihu and tencent

Since its very beginning, Zhihu has received unknown amounts from angel rounds investments. On November 2015, Tencent became one of the investors of Zhihu’s platform, which represent a very important association.   Tencent technology is the most influential media of all science and technology channels in China (Tencent includes Wechat, which is part of Tencent company). :

Tencent can get insights with the help of Zhihu’s platform, then know what’s the hottest topics in science and technology among users. Besides, Tencent has also resources which allow him to answer relevant questions in some of the major tech events.   Regarding from Zhihu’s side, Tencent represent a great support for data.